Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pools up Almost 100%

Our first salvo at the pools is now complete.

We now have DRF results numbers (still preliminary). As a commenter suggested, a race 6 and race 7 comparison would be worthwhile. It was the same day and had the same field size.

Mutuel Pool: +76%
Exacta Pool: +147%
Quinella Pool: +62%
Trifecta Pool: +92%
Superfecta Pool: +60%
Overall Pool Bump: Plus 96%

We had about a 77% jump in handle from race 6 last week. From race 4 today we had about a 450% pool jump. It appears HANA members and other bettors showed up a little early to bet race 5 as it had larger than average pool numbers. Further, Will Rogers overall handle for 11 races was just below $250,000. The HANA/Mayo race alone represented about 20% of the entire cards handle.

Last week the average per race handle at Will Rogers was $20,740. Race 6 handle yesterday was just short of $50,000.

I know many of you emailed and said you could not play WRD, so we will evaluate things for Day 2; it might be another WRD race, or might not. Regardless, expect more free PP's and tools from our friends in cyberspace (thank you all once again).

We'll update the official results later on when we get them.

Thanks again to everyone who played and joined in! And watch for more from here on the blog. Our sincere thanks! When horseplayers band together, good things can happen.

If you have not joined us yet, please do. It is free and we can keep you updated from time to time on what's next for horseplayers.


Anonymous said...

Bill Finley said there was $31,000 bet in last weeks 6th. Seems like we were off a bit. Numbers were much better than any other race. HOpe we beat the 31. brian

Andrew A. said...

Enjoyed playing Will Rogers Downs. I began playing mostly at Aqua Caliente so I like small tracks. I even made a little money.

Good Job HANA

Anonymous said...

Nice job, it looks like over $50,000 into that little track, with less than ideal ADW coverage. You should compare it to race seven when you are doing comparisons, as a bunch of us played race 5, and race 4 was a shorter field. It was a better field in race 7, but that's what I would look at (just my opinion).

Anonymous said...

Getting horseplayers to agree to do anything isn't the easiest thing in the world to do so nice job!

Anonymous said...

I wagered and will be looking for your next "buycott." Jay from Seattle.

Anonymous said...

That was way too much fun!!!! What's next?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You've gotten some of the country's greatest cynics to unite in an action! Continue to do this; management, so deeply concerned by the bottom line, MUST listen to this powerful movement! Again, CONGRATULATIONS!

Anonymous said...

I thought at this small track for an introductory effort (and a new group) we would not see this succeed. Maybe I am just too old and know horseplayers. But you did succeed. Well done people!


HANA said...

Dean from HANA here.

I want to thank everyone who joined in. This was a fun experience, and for a new group like HANA, along with passionate members like Mike and Ross, it is a real thrill to know people care so much about racing and want to see it change for the better. To take time out, bet a track that many are not familiar with and participate is awesome.

Thank you all and we hope you play along for round two!

PS: I lost my shirt, so if you hit something and are wearing it, you are welcome :)

Anonymous said...

Well done, HANA, and thanks to Mike and Ross. Organizing has never been quite so much fun.

Anonymous said...

Good work. Alot of fun too!

Wind Gatherer said...

The butterfly effect in all its glory...

Well done!

kevin morris said...

Dean, thanks for the shirt!:)
That was a lot of fun, even for someone that doesn't usually bet at the OTB. Wish I could see a replay of the race.

bullring said...

Would have like to have played along, but, I'm in Canada.

Anonymous said...

When is the next buycott?

HANA said...

Thanks for all the comments everyone. As for the next step, a meeting is going to be held tonight and we hope to have some answers soon.

Sincere thanks for all the interest and the participation in this. Truly cool folks!


Alex said...

Could not play Will Rogers, but I was was stunned as I scrolled thru the charts to see the discrepancy between the HANA race and the others. This could turn out to be a lot more powerful than expected. Keep up the great work!