Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Around the Horn

What is going on in Maryland?

The Maryland Racing Commission will send a cease-and-desist letter this week to three account wagering companies warning them to halt business operations in Maryland by March 31 unless they enter into a contract agreement with a licensed Maryland racetrack as required by state regulations.

The commission said Tuesday it will send the letters to Magna Entertainment Corp.’s XpressBet, Churchill Downs Inc.’s, and Inc. at the urging of Alan Foreman, legal counsel for the Maryland Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association.

Boxing is the sweet science. Horseplaying is the science of puzzles. Reading Powercaps piece has horseplayers nodding in agreement.

Horseplayers are people who seek out puzzles to unravel, these are people who are excited by unraveling complexity, and do not want to be emotionally manipulated by simplicity.

"If you open up an account with any ADW and you have just bought a ticket to the greatest game going and your favorite team is your account balance." Bravo.

Some nice articles in Horseplayer Magazine this month. A couple of HANA members share some thoughts on something we pull our hair out on very often as players - the losing streak.

Last up, Craig talks cycles at the Trackmaster blog. And for harness players, some contest talk.

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