Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Limited Edition Member Pins Available Next Week!

In about ten days the Charter Member HANA pins for 2009 will be in our hot little hands. These are a limited edition offering. The price is $20. Right now we do not have a fancy way for you to buy them like we are But we do have two ways.

1. Our paypal link. All you have to do is pay from your paypal account (minimum donation $20) and let us know in the subject line that you would like a pin. If you send us an email ( with your mailing address we will make sure you get them pronto!

2. By Check. Similarly under the above link our mailing address is listed. Send us minimum $20 and a return address and we send you a pin.

The $20 will go back into HANA, and back into helping us grow and change the game for the better. We do not charge member fees, nor do we have a large financial backer. The board members place their own capital into the organization to get it off the ground (as well as several donations, and purchases from the HANA Store that we thank you for!), but it is tough to do anything worthwhile for members on a shoestring, so we really appreciate your support should you choose to order a pin. We are growing each day and we would like to see that continue.

These member pins are pretty unique and a great way to say you are a horseplayer who loves the game and wants to see it grow. Order one today!

Thanks from the HANA Team

Pin Stats:

Type: Die Struck

Plating: Antique Silver

Epoxy: No

Size: 1” x 0.6"

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Anonymous said...

I just finished watching the video of our president, Mr. Platt, speaking on TVG and I am now very, very proud to be a member. His low key approach and eloquence floored me. I'm actually feeling optimistic now. I'll proudly order a pin, or pins, very soon.