Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mayo: It's Will Rogers Downs

Mike Mayo has announced on the HTR Board that the first race to be tackled by horseplayers is at Will Rogers Downs next Tuesday, March 31st (for background please visit here). The race is to be announced, after the entries are available. Will Rogers Downs is offered on all major US based ADW's.

From Mike:

Wanted to let everyone know that our first race date for the group bet will be Tuesday, March 31 at Will Rogers Downs. The selected race will be announced late Saturday or early Sunday as soon as the entries are drawn. I will post it here and it will be posted on the HANA website.

We have selected this track because they currently only handle about 30K per race and we could have an immediate impact with them. After about two or three weeks we will evaluate our progress and move to a different track. They do have 10-12 horse fields in their thoroughbred races. We will select a full field non-maiden race for the first one.

Most all of the ADWs take WRD, especially on a Tuesday. I wanted to herhaps clear up a misconception about the way the race is to be bet. This is NOT a donation. Each person is to handicap and bet the race just as you would any other race in your normal routine betting. A wagering amount has been discussed and it was decided that a range of somewhere between $25-$75 would be optimal. However no one should feel obligated to bet outside of their comfort zone. A wager of any type and amount will be appreciated.

I appreciate everyone's comments and interest in this little project. Hopefully, given a little time, it will grow into something that can help us all as horseplayers.


Mike Mayo

In addition, HTR and Ken Massa are behind the project. They have posted some statistics on WRD for the bettors. Right now it looks like free past performances for the race will be offered; in addition more handicapping tools for the race in question will be announced.

Watch for further updates this weekend, if you would like to participate in this fun and worthwhile project spearheaded by grassroots horseplayers, looking for change.


Anonymous said...

WRD is not offered in the major markets of New Jersey and Nevada which knocks out a large amount of supporters.

We have to get everyone involved if this move is to be successful.

Anonymous said...

Good point regarding not offered everywhere but that is racings fault. Good first test track, in my opinion. The other ones going that day have too high a handle.

Anonymous said...

I would like to suggest Race 7... looks like a fairly competitive allowance race with a few options.

mannyberrios said...

phonebet does not offer that track

Anonymous said...

This sounds great lets do this track

Anonymous said...

HANA theme (with aplogies to Helen Reddy - I guess)

I am gambler see me bet
Then go read my blog – I’ll fret
About all the injustices cast upon me
The takeout is too great
The small fields I cant escape
And don’t forget the ‘live’ racing on TVG

HANA wants to have my back
So they rated all the tracks
Of which about 10% I can agree
Then they ask me to partake
To let small tracks know the stakes
We can impact their betting pools as we do please

Then track management will adhere
To HANAs wishes that appear
On their blog read by Easterners (or so I’m told)
Less takeout will result
By management that has all the clout
And lots of new gamblers will join our fold

I use an ADW
Cause going to the track is such a pain
The prices they charge for everything
Is why offshore I will remain
I am online (online)
And watching choppy feeds (choppy feeds)
I am gambler

‘Speak with a united voice’ is the goal they seek to achieve
But just like management, HANA didn’t bother asking me
When they complied their concise list of the ‘best’ plants
Based on minimal takeout amount
And field sizes (quality did not count)
‘Our algorithm was not subjective’ they did rant

They want to be the NTRA
For us players they will say
And make management stand up and be more kind
But they spew out the same old crap
‘Lower takeouts or we’ll not be back’
They forget we’re gamblers - ‘when is it post time…’