Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Update on Mayo's Letter

Thanks to many of you who have signed up, and left comments on Mike Mayo's idea. HANA wants to let you know that comments are being read and we are in the due diligence phase of this idea. If you want to be a part of this please leave us a message, or if you are not a member, please signup for HANA here and leave a comment in the comments box that you support Mike and want to play.

Note from Mike, via the HTR Board:

At the bottom of my original letter dated March 1, I asked for feedback and opinions, knowing full well that there would by many, both pro and con. They are all certainly welcome. That is what makes this great game such that it is. We can all have a different opinion about each and every race we look at. However, I think each and everyone of us (who play this game at any level) can agree that the sport of horse racing is losing the fans it has and certainly not attracting many new ones. I believe we can also agree that most everything involving our sport (at least as of late) has been very negative. No matter what topic (about it) we choose to discuss. We also know, (by using simple math) that no two or more negatives will EVER result in a positive.

That is why I chose to take the approach that I did and keep this in a positive tone. Is it a quick fix? Absolutely NOT. Will it take time for this plan to work? Absolutely YES.

Individually, none of us have a voice. We can only vent to each other and perhaps someone we know (in management) at a certain track. But what does it really get us. NOTHING. However, as a large group, we can have a voice and with a little time, hopefully a VERY LARGE ONE. At that point, we can begin to address the many issues that we all fight everyday in this game. As a large group, we can then lobby for the changes that we all want, and be in a position (as customers) to be heard, loud and clear.

I am only asking that each of you give this thing a chance to work. Whether you bet big or small, every day or only occasionally, it does not matter. We as HORSEPLAYERS and CUSTOMERS, are all in the same sinking boat. In the end, we are the only ones that can right this ship. Any participation is greatly appreciated.


Mike Mayo

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