Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kassa - The Handicappers Pyramid

Whether you are a novice or pro, the game is a stimulating, challenging pursuit. Arguably the most crucial ingredient to maximizing your returns is a strong foundation with the mental aspects of the game. These can be the difference between a big score, and the big score you should have had. I wanted a visual reminder of these mental aspects, so I built the “Horseplayer's Pyramid”. No, it's not the food pyramid, or a giant monument equipped for a horseplayer's afterlife. The Horseplayer's Pyramid is simply a chart with 10 of the most important psychological qualities. Each quality is dependent upon the others for support, and just one weak block can cause a total "collapse". Near the top is the "Profit Line" - the level at which you can turn a consistent profit. Notice that the "profit line" comes before the talent block, that is no special talent is required, if all the fundamentals are executed with excellence. Run a checklist of these qualities, maybe one can improve your game. Terms are defined below.

Terms Defined

Chief Aim - Your direct and specific Goal
Accurate Thought - Scientific thought process , Reality as it actually is.
Initiative - Taking Action
Information - A competitive knowledge of the horses.
Desire - Intense drive to succeed.
Self Control - Discipline throughout your horseplaying and life.
Viable Approach - Methods that can reach your goals if correctly applied.
Patience - The ability to wait for profitable plays.
Concentration - Focus, Seeing the opportunities
Talent - icing on the cake

Jay Kassa is a horseplayer and HANA member who takes his game very seriously. He will be posting some thoughts from time to time. HANA is lucky to have him.

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Anonymous said...

Very good. The bottom half is deadly for all players, me included.

Anonymous said...

That is what I been looking for----It takes 200% from me to get thru the card.

The Doc says its the best Mental exercise I could be doing! How about that!


Anonymous said...

summarized very well, brilliant...!

Anonymous said...

what the pyramid is saying is that "mindset" is key.