Friday, December 15, 2017

Purse Cuts for Stakes Races at Santa Anita is reporting Santa Anita will cut purses for its stakes schedule.

Santa Anita Cuts Stakes Purses for Upcoming Meet:

Me: stepping up onto soapbox now...

I know that industry decision makers in California (owners,  trainers, track management, CHRB Commissioners, etc.) don't want to hear it.

BUT --

There's no such thing as a purse fairy. (Not my phrase. But it fits here so I'll use it.)

It ought to be obvious to everybody by now that SB 1072 has been a complete disaster - and that a change in direction is needed.

In my opinion, the ONLY way thoroughbred racing in California is going to generate increases in purse money is to generate increases in money BET by horseplayers on the product.

The question isn't whether or not horseplayers were right about SB 1072 being the wrong thing to do.

The key questions at this point are:

What should we be doing next?

How do we get horseplayers to bet more money on the product than they are betting now?

Happy Holidays everyone,

Jeff Platt, HANA Presdent

Me: stepping down off of soapbox.