Monday, March 30, 2009

WRD Race 6 - Free PP's and Much More!!!

The betting community is coming together for tomorrows Race 6 at Will Rogers Downs. Here is what's out there for bettors, all for free from like-minded horseplayers wanting to see our game grow:

Free Platinum Plus PP's courtesy Craig at Trackmaster. These programs are nice and filled with info.

Free Trackmaster FAST sheets. (explanation here)

CJ from has offered his sought after figures for the race. I don't think CJ takes new customers, so you don't see these figures everyday. Go to for an explanation of how to read them. Thank you CJ!

HTR has offered some analysis for WRD as well. In addition a free WRD file is offered. If you wanted to try HTR for the race it is there to try free. Thanks Rick and Ken!

Our resident handicapping writer here, Jay, has offered his picks on Paceadvantage here.

On behalf of HANA we thank everyone who has offered these tools, and everyone for participating in Mike and Ross's idea.

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