Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Finley on Rebates

"[California] is preparing to rescind what was among the dumbest rules in the history of horse racing."
Bill Finley

HANA members have been wanting and fighting for rebated play for some time now (rebates to everyone who is price sensitive who wants one) to lower their prices, up their bottom line and up their handle. There was a time about four years ago where if the word was mentioned, racing would cringe and say how they 'have to keep prices high'. Well the mainstream is now climbing aboard. Bill Finley, who has always been someone who loves the game and wants to see it grow, writes a good piece on the situation in California. Word is getting out, and we hope racing is listening.

.... It seems that someone finally figured out that rebates stimulate handle, exactly the reason why they should be embraced and encouraged, not banned.

..... It's simple math. Most players bet without rebates and into the teeth of destructively high takeout rates. That's among the main reasons that horse racing isn't more popular with most gamblers; it's just too hard to win.

..... Horse racing needs to find ways to build its business and needs to take a harder look at things like exchange betting, proposition betting and rebates. Times have changed and they are tough. The game needs every betting dollar it can get its hands on. Rebating works, and it needs to be supported.

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