Monday, March 2, 2009

HANA Track Ratings: 21 through 65

Welcome to the 21st through 65th racetracks on the continent as rated by the Horseplayers Association of North America. For the HANA Top Twenty Tracks you can find them from one through twenty starting here (just scroll down the page).

In the following list you will find a ranking, a track name and a letter grade. For a detailed description of the scoring system (we have to reiterate that this is not a popularity contest, but a ranking system based on a weighting of three main factors: field size score, takeout score and wagers offered score) please click here.

Important Notes & 2.0 Update:

We began working on this list in September of 2008, and it was complete in late 2008, giving us a month or two to release the rankings via industry sources. The takeout component was gleaned from various online sources and with 2007/2008 published data. The field size component is a rolling one year average, and the one year in version 1.0 is Jan '08 to December of '08. The wager variety component was also tabulated from 2008 published data.

So we are happy to announce that Version 2.0 is currently in construction, by our very capable board member Bill. Thankfully we have received feedback from the industry (and HANA members!) with up to date (February/March 2008) data. We are almost finished going through literally hundreds of pages of wager variety data (some tracks have changed their menu for 2009, or plan to, and this will be updated), we have new takeout data, including any state or local surcharges, and Bill (after the above is complete) is running his database with a March 1st to March 1st date range for up to date field size data. Version 2.0, we believe will be the most up to date player resource found on the web today with these metrics. As was our intention from day one, we will be publishing this on our web page, with all the stats (literally thousands of cells).

We encourage tracks to be very proactive in updating any changes to their wager menu or takeouts. This information for too long has been hard to find, and we think helping the player as much as possible with available information will help the game of racing.

We have also listened to feedback from members and others who asked that we add a few features to the HANA Ratings. So, look for the following when the spreadsheets are released on a new player resource section on the website:

* Tracks sorted by handle categories - You wanted to be able to see handles for each track along with their score so that you can make sure they are high enough for your wagering style. We will be adding handle per race data and categorizing the tracks based on A, B and C handle levels, for example.

* Best Bet List - A HANA member commented that he would like to see what bets have the most value by bet type, so we will have it on the site

* Alphabetical Listing - This will be the main page. You will be able to easily find the track you are playing, or interested in, and all the data that accompanies it.

We hope to have a few more bells and whistles like sortable data, but being a volunteer organization time is tight, so we ask for your patience.

Thanks for reading and we will update everyone when Version 2.0 is uploaded to the HANA Website.

Won't you join us? It is free to join HANA and we need your help to grow racing.

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