Monday, March 30, 2009

Bill Finley Interviews Mayo; Urges Readers to Support Buycott

Bill Finley of ESPN let bettors know where he stands on the subject of race 6 at Will Rogers Downs tomorrow.

It is the betting dollar that drives the entire racing industry, which should make the horseplayer the most powerful segment in the industry. Instead, it is its weakest. The player is neglected, underappreciated and has no voice. That's why takeout rates are outrageously high, the advance-deposit wagering systems are a mess and a lot of tracks care more about slot machines than they do horseracing. Face it, we've been pushed around and don't fight back. Mike Mayo wants that to stop.

Now it's up to the hundreds of thousands of people who bet on horses every day in this country. Tired of being shortchanged? Then bet on Tuesday's sixth at Will Rogers Downs.

Read the full interview with Mike at the link. HANA thanks Bill for his support.


Andrew A. said...

I'm going to play tomorrow and think this is a good first step. I'm not sure what to expect as far as the impact we will make. I'm personally looking for a bunt single and not a home run in the first try!

Great first step HANA!

Anonymous said...

How do we find out about next week's buycott race?

HANA said...

Each race will be promoted here on the blog, on the website, and via email to members. This week we just announced Tampa Bay Downs.