Thursday, May 21, 2009

What Happened at Penn National?

John Pricci explores the industry issues regarding wagering security and mentions tonights second race at Penn National, where a tote delay occurred, which was followed by a refund. According to one poster at, the exacta that came in was paying $220 before the race went off, but the last probable flash (after the race had ended) showed it paying $90.

Sometimes, of course odds on winning horses go up, but a preponderance goes down. Although there’s nothing sinister at work, a bad message is being sent. Horseplayers are distrusting by nature; the industry must recognize this and work that much harder to gain their confidence.

No longer will they come just because you build it.

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Thanks to a commenter here at HANAblog who was playing Penn and let us know.


Anonymous said...

How about HANA authorizing the boycott of Race 2 at every track until the tote system is fixed to remind the industry that we won't forget what happened at Penn National during Race 2 on May 20th?

Anonymous said...

This is insane. How do we not protest Hollywood and Penn until this thing is resolved. I will.

Anonymous said...

repost of a comment made elsewhere on the topic of boycotting Penn until they make things right:

I had a guest blog post on HANA urging players to quit playing Pennsylvania tracks about 3 months ago. Penn has usurous takeout rates, enormous slot subsidies, and obviously does not care about anyone here.

There is no need to have some conditional boycott, depending on whether Penn ends up paying some small percentage of the players effected by this snafu (all of the on track folks are SOL, there is zero chance they get anything).

They screw players over every day in every race for literally millions more than this with the takeout rate that most of the players there end up paying. If we're looking for solidarity -- solidarity against the common every day screw job tactics they employ on most of their bettors should have kicked in long ago.

No conditional boycott is required -- just quit playing Penn. They don't deserve to be played -- they didn't deserve to be played last week, don't deserve it this week, and won't deserve it next week -- no matter what they do about this issue.

-- Raleigh