Sunday, May 24, 2009

Canterbury Pool Party - State of the Business

Wowsa, is all we can say about this weeks Pool Party. Canterbury showed what hurdles this business must overcome to get the bet up. From the handle talks yahoo group and elsewhere, we learned all week that this would be tough:

Minnesota residents were pretty pumped to play the race. Unfortunately, internet rules there prohibit internet betting on their home track. Ouch.

Although TVG mentioned they were offering it, the contract is still not approved. No TVG. Double ouch.

Canadian members who measure in the hundreds and have been big supporters could not play CBY. Triple ouch.

I have three ADW's. I could not play the race.

This is what players go through each day. We want to give the business our money, we want to support racing, but we can not. If it isn't high prices, it is signal availabilty, based on arcane rules, most of which were written before the Internet was even invented.

For those who did play, and could play - thank you very much!


Anonymous said...

It was a disaster. Not to mention the monitor lists the turf course as yielding yet the race was taken off the turf. Couldn't have been worse!

Hajck said...

I wanted to wager in support, and did, but suffice it to say, I look forward to stronger efforts in the future.

Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't some one check this out before hand?I know it's all volunteer work but the way this betting into pools has been handeled up to now (choice of tracks,limiting types of wagers etc)leaves much to be desired.One cannot make too many mistakes in initiating a new project as no one will take it seriously.