Thursday, May 14, 2009

Today's Shocking Headline

Governor wants to sell Del Mar Fairgrounds

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First, take a deep breath. Then say to yourself it will never happen. It's just Arnold's opening salvo in his annual budgetary war with the Democratic legislature. Still if the state gets desperate enough who knows?

You see California is broke. Tap City. Not a pot to piss in. The coffers are dryer than a Bob Newhart monologue. Gov. Kindergarten Cop thinks he can raise $1 billion by selling Del Mar and some landmark properties. Good time to sell too. Right at the top of the market.

Presumably some developer will have the deep pockets to tear down Paradise and put up, maybe not a parking lot, but perhaps luxury reclusive hideaways for billionaires and movie stars. This is primo real estate, right on the Gold Coast.

Or perhaps a developer would keep the track and build his condos around the facility. Wouldn't YOU love to live at Del Mar?

Still, never happen. Ever. Ever. Ever.

State lawmakers would hardly go along with selling off one a genuine Institution. One of the only two remaining tracks in America -- the other of course being Saratoga -- that attract hundreds of thousands of vacation-goers every year. Many of them only casual fans who, having earned their beach tans, are in search of a fun diversion. Many of them there because they went as kids and associate the tracks with their idyllic youth.

But the state's bills must be paid. Bankruptcy is not an option. How will lawmakers raise the money? Tax increases? More casinos? Take what's left in the safe and bet it all on "black?"

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Garrick said...

Don't forget about Oaklawn as a vacation destination that continues to have very strong meets (Instant Racing has certainly helped, however).

Anonymous said...

legalize pot.......