Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Software Development Challenge

In the new world of computers, some gambling firms (especially poker and exchange betting folks) have embraced API's and so on. By giving individuals access to free data, or free programming language, these individuals sell the products, and the game themselves. It is a promotion tool unlike many that are out there. In racing, however, free data to sell the game has never entered the lexicon. Until now.

Trackmaster, in what has to be a first, is offering one years free test data to get some ideas going with its "Software Development Challenge".

The Challenge is open to applications for Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse or Harness Racing. We are supplying a year of sample data that can be used to test extensively. These data test beds can be used to design and refine your concepts for designing handicapping software or a web-based handicapping application. All of the tools you need and the details of the contest can be found in our TrackMaster Software Development Challenge Forum.

Be creative and explore any exciting new handicapping or wagering concepts that you have developed. Here are some examples to get you going:

* A software program that uses the latest techniques in artificial intelligence to “learn over time” as the user inputs the tracks that he is interested in playing.
* A web-based wagering program that allows the user to take advantage of the types of wagers that gives a horse player an edge at the track. The program would use ratings or an odds line to generate Pick 6, Pick 4, etc. tickets, as well as display grids with minimum payouts to allow for optimum investing in Exactas and Daily Doubles.
* A web-based application that allows the user to input data files and adjust weightings for “Class, Speed, Pace and Form” as well as highlighting various angles the user chooses.
* A revolutionary approach to attacking the past performance data that no one else has ever developed that can be the core of your software program.

I encourage all programmers to get involved in the Challenge if you have new concepts to offer and want to carve out your niche in the handicapping market. The forum is open for all inquiries and provides the next steps for you to get involved in the Challenge.

Are you a programmer, a wanna be programmer and want to give this a shot? Click the above link for details.

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