Sunday, May 10, 2009

Thanks for Playing Iowa!

Thanks everyone for their betting into race 6 last night at Prairie Meadows. Although not quite as big of a bump as usual we still increased pool size by over 50%. We have heard via email that a lot of you are beat after a long day of playing Saturday, so next time we will probably not choose a Saturday night track. We're still learning here with this experience.

Thanks again to all the folks who helped, and a special thanks to Patrick from Prairie Meadows for arranging such a warm welcome to HANA on the simulcast show and at the track. We truly appreciate it. We hope to come back to the Meadows some time in the future for perhaps a mid week race.

Stay tuned for information on our next pool shot, right here on the blog.


Cangamble said...

Exhausted and/or broke. It is much easier to get a gambler to play a track when they still have money in their account. I know from experience that many gamblers go broke by the 5th race at a track, the same thing probably happens on the internet as well. People don't usually reload for betting purposes until the start of a new day.

Anonymous said...

50% bump? Explain the math to me. Your calc's started getting fuzzy with Hawthorne when you used 16 months as a base. Jan, Feb and March are probably their worst months and you included them twice. For PM Saturday I couldn't come up with a 50% bump and right now I suspect you may be fudging the final result. Correct me if I'm wrong.

HANA said...


Our resident wagering engineer Bill came up with a 30k average for this type race, and the final tally was around 45k for the HANA race.

It is very hard to gauge at times and we do our best to estimate. For example, the average at HAW this meet for those stakes races was around 315k and the HANA race was 390k. We did not say we bumped the pools by 75k, we estimated it at somewhere around 40-50k. Once again, we try to find the best estimate we can. It does not mean that we are always right; we can never know exactly how much we bump it of course.


Anonymous said...

Will there be a pool party this week? Or is this like the Derby week in which HANA skips a week for the pool party?

HANA said...

Meeting tonight to chat about it, but I would suspect we will wait until next week to do one. No word on if if will be during the week, or next weekend.

Thanks for playing it and keeping tabs on it.