Friday, May 22, 2009

Free Handicapping Info For Saturday's HANA Pool Party

Click here for free past performances thanks to Craig at TrackMaster, and pace figures thanks to CJ at
Also, we have Thorograph data available. Just click here to access it (see accessories).

The Pool Party race has eleven betting interests. It is on the turf, and horses are coming from different tracks, many making their first start off a layoff. It is an interesting race to handicap.

If you check out the past performances, you'll notice the new run up distance numbers that are now available from Equibase. There is also a number associated for the distance the rails were out in each past turf race. A couple of new pieces of data which gives us horseplayers a better understanding when it comes to visualizing exactly how races were run. For a better understanding of these numbers, click here.

Recent foul ups with the tote systems have again brought to light the fact that the racing industry needs to be reminded about their customer, and HANA has become a legitimate voice for the horseplayer. We are still growing, and the greater our numbers, the bigger the voice we will have. Please support HANA by betting the 8th race at Canterbury Park tomorrow (Saturday).

And if you haven't joined yet, take a minute (it is free), click here and join HANA.

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