Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Update: Paulick Confirms Past Posting at Hollywood

Ray Paulick went into action regarding Mike Maloney's revelation here on HANAblog this morning and did some digging:

Betting windows at 33 simulcast sites remained open on Saturday’s Los Angeles Handicap at Hollywood Park until after the Grade 3 stakes race had been run because they did not receive a stop betting signal from the Scientific Games tote system that contracts with California racetracks to handle pari-mutuel wagering.

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As well, Ray posted this to our site as a comment a moment ago. It makes one think, does it not?


Thanks for being the watchdog on these wagering integrity issues. As a result of seeing your piece, I've posted a more comprehensive story at, with comments from Hollywood Park and the California HOrse Racing Board and "no comment" from the tote company (except for an internal email that "explains" the mistake).

My question: if you had not discovered this incident and reported on it here, would Hollywood, SciGames or the California Horse Racing Board voluntarily publicized this major embarrassment? My guess: no.

If you agree with Ray please give us a hand at HANA and lend your name to the growing list of horseplayers who want to see this game change for the better, not next year, not in ten years, but now.

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But it just came to our attention that our local newspaper fired their turf writer. Recently his colunms were always near the top of the Paulick up and coming (fun) sports here

Thanks for reading.