Wednesday, April 29, 2009

HANA Releases "The Track Metrics Player Resource"

We have completed, and published, the updated track ratings. This list, we believe is the most up to date resource on the web today in terms of takeouts, field size, and wagers offered. We have included mutuel pool size, and exotic pool size to help bettors make better informed decisions. An added bonus? It is sortable and it includes six new tracks we could not find information for in Version I. Want to find out who has the best tri takeout? Where does your favorite track rank in field size? Who has the highest mutuel pools in North America? It is all done by pointing a clicking.

They are available on our website here.

We thank HANA board member Bill for the system and his work, and Jeff for doing the programming. Please feel free to use the resource as you wish. We hope it makes you a more informed and successful bettor.


Anonymous said...

Be nice if format was useful in that select and copy to common file format was still legible.

Not all columns are sort friendly... Some do not sort at all...

Appreciate the info... Guess I will spend a couple of hours hand copying applicable (to me) into a text or document file that I can refer to quickly without being on the net.

Be interesting if kept yearly how those mutual totals continue to drop. RIP Stronach!!! Lieing SOB!!! Karma is calling!!! LMFAO!!!

HANA said...

Good point on copying. We will look into getting this up on google docs for you and others, so you can cut and paste the cells.

Give us some time though please (dang volunteer organizations :))


Bill W. said...


Which format do you wish to copy to? Also which columns do you find not sort friendly or not sortable at all?