Saturday, April 25, 2009

Thanks For Playing Hawthorne Folks!

Our pool day is complete and by all accounts we did well. We noticed the following today, in comparison to some metrics:

Avg. per race last 16 mos.: $268K
Avg. Saturdays last 16 Mos. : $302K
Avg. Saturdays this year: $248K

Today for the Pool Party: $385,000

Thanks everyone!


mshutty said...

Congratulations! It definitely felt like a better meet this year

Anonymous said...

Its win win situation. Before long this will be the on monster Pool poepl will be looking for to make a fantastic score. At the same time the Sheep are having fun making money--The heads are getting the message out loud and proud.

This will in quick time be a status symbol for the track, were they involved if yes it means you are a good track if no. Its kinda like the horseplayers black list. Great , great idea. As I write this I can't wait until the next pool party HANA Style!!