Sunday, April 5, 2009

Target Tampa Tuesday: Race 6 Pick 3. Free PP's and More!

As everyone knows we are moving to the sunny confines of Tampa this Tuesday. Chosen is the Pick 3 starting in race 6.

And we have free tools:

From Trackmaster (thank you Craig!), free PP's, bias reports and FAST sheets that can be all accessed here.

From our pal CJ at Pacefigures, his sought after figures (condensed and full) are here.

For those who do not follow Tampa? Well Jeff has given us some Jcapper stats:

Jcapper trainer report


Jcapper rider report

We will send out a reminder email on Tuesday! Thanks everyone!

Please join us at HANA. Every member counts!


Anonymous said...

Woodbine allows Tampa betting so I'm in for this one. Glad to hear you made a bang on the first one.



sorry for some reason I can't put my name up. does not work.. so I use

jason said...

sounds like exciting stuff - I would bet more but just cant right now