Saturday, April 4, 2009

Member Comments & Notes

We have had quite a few member comments on our blog pieces lately, and that is awesome, however we do get plenty via email, and on the signup form. So, along with a few other things, we thought we would share a couple. But first, some reaction from the blogs about what we've been doing:

The Turf Speculator was happy with day one and now says: "HANA’s Pool Experiment, whose next?"

Turf Luck had some fun with the free PP's, but was sad she missed the quinella pool? What you say? Quinella? :)

Last up Scott Ferguson sends the word out to UK bettors about Tampa Bay this week. "Note, it's about betting in a specific pool, not any race or any bet type. But don't just donate randomly, do the form for the race, and make use of the form links from the HANA site nearer the date. Great cause and it does have meaning to people outside the US as well." Thanks for the mention Scott and we hope a few UK bettors try the pick 3 this week.

Now for a few member comments:

I played $62 in yesterdays WRD 6th. Lets keep it going

Im in!I bet $70 on todays race at WRD.


Thanks boys, that is a sizable bet. I hope you both hit!

Great idea to start.a few problems for sure but youve got the idea. the #1 problem was the time of the race. it started well after the races were finished at beulah, phil and tampa.

We took that into account this week SV. We will be thinking about that each week.

I have been an active player since the age of 14. I am amazed to witness the decline in the sport. I quit playing 2 months ago. Field quality is horrible, and the vig is so oppressive now that computer handicapping has given powerful tools to the most uneducated player, that I felt like I was pouring money down a sinkhole. Also, the inability to control last second parimutuel money dumps so skew the odds that you never know the final odds of chalk or near chalk plays. The only people treated worse than the players are the small horse owners. What a shame for an industry with a wonderful history which employs so many people in so many different capacities. If there is anything I can do...

Sir, you will not find too much disagreement at HANA. The game we play is made very tough by myriad factors we hope to tackle.

It's only a smattering, and please keep the comments coming.

Free PP's should be up tomorrow for Tuesday's Target Tampa.

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