Thursday, April 23, 2009


Last July or August on an idea for a horseplayers association was born. The half dozen or so with screen names like “Raybo” or “Chickenhead” were meeting in the ‘war room’ to decide on a name, on what the planks would be; and the discussions were focused mainly about if this would even be an idea worth trying.

Nine months later, on April 23 2009, we are happy to report that this group that was called HANA has received its 1000th member.

Back in September when we were incorporated under the laws of the state of Virginia at the behest of our very capable Treasurer Theresia, we discussed benchmarks we would like to hit in membership numbers. Because we are all horseplayers there was no shortage of predictions. In the end we said if we received 1000 members by September of 2009 we would be doing very well. It is amazingly exciting and gratifying that we beat that estimate by such a huge number. Not to mention humbling.

To everyone who has helped, our sincere thanks. But most of all, to the other 995 of you who have signed up, thanks for making this happen.

Jeff, Dean, Theresia, Bill and John

This week we are betting Hawthorne race 6 on Saturday. Stay tuned to the blog for PP's and other free tools. If you'd like to join us at HANA we are only a click away. Thanks for participating.

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Hajck said...

For years now I have advocated the adage made popular by Groucho Marx, that "I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member," but when it came of H.A.N.A., I was forced to rescind this remark. I have to admit that I have often questioned the ability of a bunch of RTD's (race track degenerates) banding together in an effort to improve the sport, but it now appears to me to be the game's only hope for a future.