Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Betting Pool Party: Hawthorne in, Arizona Out

From an email out to members this evening:
Last week we had decided to pick Turf Paradise as this weeks race to bet into. We have been doing some good with the wager, thanks to all of you, and we thought it was a perfect time to play Turf Paradise and highlight a couple of issues. These were mainly the Arizona ADW law which makes it a felony to accept internet bets from Arizona, which some horsemen, and most bettors find insulting and exactly the opposite of what we should be doing.

However, after we announced the play, members spoke loud and clear – they wanted nothing to do with Arizona as a target. The negative comments were very strong, and players cited both the Arizona Law and the high takeouts at Turf as the main reasons. So we now announce we will not be playing Turf Paradise this weekend as planned.

We are happy to say that we are moving this Saturday’s race to Hawthorne Race Course – Race 6. Expect free past performances, thorograph sheets, pacefigures, and more as usual.

This week we are not focusing on a certain bet. Simply support HANA by betting the 6th race at Hawthorne on Saturday any way you want to.


Jen Morrison said...

Thanks HANA for the good work - i CAN'T FIND THE TRACK RATINGS list - I just want to know where Woodbine wound up
also can you add Jen's Thoroughblog to your links list?

HANA said...


Link list is here.

Unfortunately, due to the volume of what's been happening lately we do not have the full updated list up yet on the website. We plan to have this in a separate section of the site as a player resource.

Link is done!

Thanks for the comment and keep up the good work.

slnpol said...

thanks for the cool pin and the fliers...i will be passing them out...

sorry said...

I'm sorry to see that your group backed out of playing at Turf. We simply don't have a big enough presence in this state to put pressure on Turf to repeal the ADW ban and improve take-out percentages. Maybe next year (season closed today)