Friday, April 17, 2009

HANA Days at Keeneland

The HANA crew are at Keeneland for HANA Day tomorrow. But the festivities have started early as several members are there for the week, and early reports are that everyone is having a good time.

From Jeff Platt via Paceadvantage:

I'm sitting here at KEE with some of the guys... I'm on my second beer. We have a table on level 2 right in front of the paddock. Laptops and printouts everywhere.

Richard Bauer is here... Stuball... Bill W... Tom S... Charli125... Miesque... Corby from BRIS... Mike Maloney joined us for a while... and a few others....

And we're having an absolute blast. Stuball already paid for his trip. He nailed the exacta in R3... and a then followed that up by (after waiting for what seemed like ages for the results of the nose photo to be announed... and then sitting through an abjection afterwards) cashing on the 50-1 shot in R8.

We're here and having a blast... live racing in a great venue. Win or lose you can't ask for a better day than that.

If you're in the Lexington area shoot us an email and make plans to meet up:

horseplayersassociation @ gmal . com
(remove the blank spaces first)

Tomorrow HANA will be presenting to a race winner in the circle. We'll let you know which race. Enjoy your weekend folks!

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Hajck said...

Ahhh, how I wish I were joining ya'all in Lexington today. I'll watch for the presentation, and be with you in spirit. All the best to all of you at Keeneland!