Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Picture is Worth a Thousand...... Curses!

More than a few swear words (racetrackers make up some of the best curses known to man) happened with this:

I have received several emails, and on tickets posted on other boards that I see, none have the three. Anyone alive? If so email us so we can follow along. I hope a HANA member makes a big score here!

Edit: Great job again this week everyone. We are looking at about a 125% pool bump! Thanks to everyone who helped.


Scott said...

Would you believe I had the three, took 1,2,3,4 in first leg, thought the 3 had terrible draws lately, might get better luck today. (and I always look for value in exotic pools)

Then came 2nd and 3rd in race 7, after the fav got flattened on the bend. Damn!

Whoever lands this will scoop the lot. How big's the pool?

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone, I had one of the winning tickets at the TB Pick 3...a $14671 score. Congrats Hana players. Thanks for the nice pool!

Jay in Seattle

Anonymous said...

yeah i had the pick three too! So did three other folks i know.

Anonymous said...

Unless I'm high there were only three winning $1 tickets.

Not for nothing but if you compare last Tuesday's pools to today's pools (at first glance - I haven't literally bumped the numbers up against each other) it looks like there's some carryover to me. People may be playing "the race" but I think they are also playing other races.

Just saying.

Anonymous said...

LOL. I'll take a picture of my twinspires account if you don't believe me!

Jay in Seattle

Alex said...

I wasn't close, but it was fun trying. Since most players are weekenders (due to time constraints) are there any thoughts to attempting a Sat or Sun buycott?


Anonymous said...

There were three winning $1 tickets

I had a $2 pick 3 ticket. One other had a $1 pick 3 ticket.

Jay in Seattle

Hajck said...

Hey Jay,

Did you have it for $2?

I would like to see that ticket, especially if your last name is Flemming.

Nice hit

Cangamble said...

I played it for $72. Normally, I play it regardless, and spend between $18 and $27. So there were probably HANA members that added to their normal bet like I did.
Still I was a little disappointed we didn't hit 35k with the pool. But it is early in the game still.

Anonymous said...

great job
i had singled the 7 in the 1st leg with my key and saver running 1-2 in the next 2 legs,went for the crush, did hit the other legs flat.

Anonymous said...

There seemed to be just enough pace for the long shot closer in the first leg.

In the 2nd turf leg, all of the favorites were deep closers, hence my inclusion of the 8 who had speed.

In the final leg, Jamie Ness and C. Lopez have been R.O.I. superstars

It's nice when everything works out - and a big score is achieved. Jay in Seattle