Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday Notes and Pool Juice

A few things catching our eye here this Wednesday.

First, the Pool Party at Tampa was a success. From last week the pick 3 pool in race 6 was up 99.4%, so we are right around a double. Well done. On last weeks call we thought that this would carry over to the pick 4 and we appear to have been right. The pick 4 pool was up around 15% from last week. Stay tuned for more news on the pool parties. HANA would like this week to thank again, CJ from, Craig from Trackmaster, Jerry from Thorograph, Ken from HTR, Mike from Paceadvantage, Capital OTB and bloggers galore for helping spread the word.

Second up, the Mullins situation is a disconcerting one for our sport. One of HANA's planks is not only a level playing field for all bettors through lower takeouts, but also for horsepeople. About half of HANA's members describe themselves as owner/bettors. There is plenty of chatter on this subject on chat boards and the thoroughbred bloggers alliance, as well as the Paulick Report.

Twitter has been making some headlines lately. The real time social networking/chat zone that allows users to create accounts and type short messages is growing rapidly. Racing is using it to their advantage in some avenues. One, is Keeneland who has hired handicapper and bloodstock agent Joe Riddell to give real time paddock reports. A lot of us follow Joe during the racing, and if you want to you can at Paddock Report. It is a good resource for bettors.

Speaking of Keeneland, HANA's first ever day at the races is April 18th at the historic venue. We are hoping for good weather and a chance to meet HANA members from all over. If you'd like to meet, email us please and we can let you know what is happening.

Last up, we have received several new pin orders and we thank you. To order a pin just look right for the pin logo and click it. They are pretty sharp and members are giving them good reviews. In addition the HANA store is in its fifth month now and we are seeing more action there too. We can't thank you enough for your help. If you'd like to buy a cap, shirt and more, you can at the link. The above two notes are the only two sources of revenue we have, so we appreciate the help.

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dana said...

CarryOvers is the best use of Twitter I've seen yet:

If you don't use Twitter you can subscribe to the RSS feed.