Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Beanie Barbaro Goes to College

Beanie Barbaro
Beanie Barbaro, the well-traveled mascot of retired thoroughbreds, has previously met Edgar Prado, the World's Largest Buffalo, Tommy the Barn cat at Fair Hills Stable, and many more sites in and around racing. This past week, the University of Southern California welcomed the puffed pony with open arms. The kids in the Economics Department learned from Beanie about horse retirement, and in return, they taught Beanie a little bit about racetrack economics.

"Whinnee! It was a marvelous experience" said Beanie. "This was my first trip to the West Coast. I heard some funny things about it from my pals out east, like they have expensive carrots and every horse there had manicured hooves. This was not true. The horses are the same, and the people were nice; just more tanned."

Beanie chronicled his visit below.

Beanie entering USC. He's not sure what to make of the half-naked man with a sword

Off to the economics department.

"These people are smart" thought Beanie

"We were happy to see Beanie at the Economics building," added an unnamed student. "He was a quick learner, too!"

Beanie then made his way to the bookshelf of So Cal Thoroughbred Rescue's Caroline Betts.

"Whinnee. I did not think economics could be so fun" said Beanie
Here he got a primer on some of the things he would be studying during the day. He began learning about production possibility curves, and it was going well. But he replaced "guns and butter" with "carrots and oats".

"In this case, we're okay with that," said Ms. Betts.

 After being prepped, Beanie moved on to the "white board". It was here he started to learn about takeout.

Beanie, engaged on the topic of juice
"He seemed to grasp the concept pretty quickly." said an unnamed student. "You could tell, because when he saw the rate it was like a vet just checked his temperature"

Beanie startled. "Holy Whinnie" he exclaimed
After stopping for a McOat at the drive-thru on the way home, Beanie was thankful and reflective during his paddock time.

Beanie paddocks alone, because he is imposing

"I would like to thank everyone for treating me so well at the University. It was an eye-opening experience and one I will never forget. A big shout-whinnie to everyone out there working to help grow our sport, and give horses like me a better life."

If you'd like to help Beanie help other horses please consider giving to your favorite horse retirement charity. They need our help.

For the full set of pictures for the USC visit, please go to SoCal's Facebook page here.


Caroline Betts said...

Love it! Thanks for appreciating and publishing a piece about the visit :)

HANA said...


Although I am pretty sure some of our members are looking at Beanie's last Pace fig to see if they should make a wager, we like to have a little fun here sometime :)

Thanks for doing what you do. In light of much of the recent horse retirement news, the horses need all the positive promo they can get!


Anonymous said...

Laughter is not only the best medicine it can also be an effective teacher. Thanks for perhaps opening some doors slammed shut previously by more vitriolic publications. Love to see more.

Anonymous said...

"These people are smart" .... like Jeff Mullins.

Go Beanie!