Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tourney Play at Twinspires & Other Notes is offering a good-value tournament beginning March 12th.

"The new handicapping tournament series offers weekly competitions every Saturday, which culminate in November 2011 with the Online Handicapping Championship.
The $1,000 buy-in championship will offer a guaranteed $100,000 first-place prize and a guaranteed 50 seats to the DRF/NTRA National Handicapping Championship or Coast Casinos Horse Player World Series."
PETA seems to be leaving racing alone, for a brief period anyhoo. They are protesting outside Mike Tyson's house this week. Bad pigeons, bad Tyson.

There was a lot of controversy (as everyone knows now) about this past weekend's Big Cap. For a full review about what opinions you have had, Raceday 360 has them tagged here. There are very few issues in racing or handicapping where there seems to be 50/50 agreement or disagreement. This looks like one of them!
New mediums like Twitter can be more than just chit-chat. Sid Fernando has a "best of twitter blogs daily" that he creates and it is usually filled with interesting reading. Sid has a very interesting perspective on breeding, and if you are interested in that end of handicapping, or are a horse owner, or wanna-be owner, he's a good person to follow.
What about Da Real Just Ralph (Just Ralph was taken by a Nigerian guy who I don't think likes betting horse racing)? He has tweeted some winners lately. We're following Ralph.
Eddie Murray of the UK decided to try professional gambling several years ago. He summed up his first year in a reprinted piece here.

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