Sunday, March 20, 2011

What Can We Do to Show Support?

With tracks like Hastings Park lowering take, making positive changes to simulcast and trying to offer a better product by raising some purses we think we can all agree that support is needed.

What can we do?

Speaking to Jeff Platt we figure we can offer out some past data on track bias, trainer and rider data etc, through Jeff's database. We think that's a start.

HANA Harness has been talking to some harness tracks trying to offer support, too.

But can we do more? Any ideas?

Pool parties, webpages, coordination and everything else takes time; and time is at a premium these days. Does anyone want to get involved? Do you have some html skill to run a webpage updating tracks like Hastings who are doing the right thing? Any other ideas that we can work on together?

Slowly but surely racetracks are proving it is a time for change - positive, customer-centric change. Let's support those who have changed, and see if we can do some good.

Please let us know if you have any ideas, or if you want to take ownership of a brand new initiative. We're available via all means, twitter, facebook or via email (


ITP said...

I'm sending my last remaining racehorse in So Cal to race at Hastings this meet.

Anonymous said...

Best thing a track can do is put their pps in front of me. Never played Hastings Park but I'll take a look at the races if you or they put up pps.

Brian Russell said...

I disagree with the previous poster to a point. If you are unwilling to pay a couple bucks for PPs, you are unlikely to wager enough to make a difference.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anon.the whole idea is to get new horseplayers,these are people who don't know much about the sport.
How is Charging people for pps going to attract new gamblers?

Anonymous said...

I disagree with you, Brian. I play Buffalo Raceway for one reason. Buffalo Raceway offers free PP's at their website. For that bit of convenience I play Buffalo Raceway often.

Hey, I buy about 3 Daily Racing Forms every week. There has got to be a limit somewhere. Buffalo Raceway just let's me play and I appreciate it so much - I do!

kyle said...

(I'm the anon who wrote the first post) I was specifically talking about a track I don't usually play. But I will make it more general, I think the best thing the industry as a whole could do is distribute free, comprehensive pp data. Why not make it as easy as possible for regular players and newbies to bet on your product?

Anonymous said...

Take stock of yourselves already.

You clowns ARE doing everything of which you are collectively capable to support this idiocy.

That's why the Hialeah got buried this year despite their 12% takeout across the board.

Your next concerted effort will be to play the pick-5 at Hastings, mostly from across the border, and while the locals are chasing carryovers and collecting the only winning tickets with 20-cent wagers, you'll be forced to send whole dollars at that futile mess.

So yeah, keep showing support ~ it's always good for a laugh.

Anonymous said...

Very, very true anon.... they should do what california did, it's worked out quite well for them.

Go HANA! Keep kicking some ass until this industry wakes up.