Sunday, March 13, 2011

Andrew Cohen Publishes Your Thoughts

The recently concluded HANA Harness survey has been making some waves. Andrew Cohen the CBS Legal Analyst and horse owner speaks of the survey today. 

"That’s why the poll released last week by the Harness Arm of the Horseplayers Association of North America ought to be required reading for every significant player in the Standardbred industry. These are the sports customers— or used to be the sport’s customers—and they are giving the industry a gift by sharing their views about the “product” we produce."

We not only thank each and every one of you for taking the time to do the survey, we also thank the members who have joined the HANA Harness side and have already gotten involved.

We'd also like to thank Abe for representing us so proudly at the Dan Patch Awards. This was not lost on Andrew as he also wrote about that.

Abe and Jason at the Awards
"The good news, especially as it relates to the Meadowlands, is that Jeff Gural and Jason Settlemoir  understand all this. As president of the United States Harness Writers Association, for example, Settlemoir this year gave out one of his President’s Awards to the HANA. It was accepted by Abe Diamond and his wife, who sat next to me at the Dan Patch Awards late last month. I bought Mrs. Diamond a drink but next year the USTA or USHWA or someone else should shoot to sponsor an entire HANA table. The organization, through its Hana Harness Arm, will continue to conduct polling of interest to our industry. We have to listen harder than we ever have before. "

If you have not already joined the HANA Harness Team but want to share your opinion, get involved or be updated on the groups progress please email Harness racing wants to listen and fix many of their problems, so let's help them!

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