Wednesday, March 23, 2011 Update: Handle Losses Exceed $100 Million has updated some statistics, including gross revenues for CA horse racing on the main site here.

"Here we are, barely three months in after the takeout increase. The trend is crystal clear.  All sources handle on California's two thoroughbred tracks is off over $100 million."

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if Ray Paulick will link this with a chipmunk picture?

Anonymous said...

It is like a rolling tide,the only thing that will stop this now is a firm reversal of course by the California managers.

It is too bad that the racetrack has to endure this because they can not set their own pricing based on market conditions.

They are held captive because the TOC will not cooperate(required) and recind the takeout raise because it seems all they are interested in is bigger purses for themselves, and they do not consider the harm to the big picture for the racetrack stockholders,employees or their customers.

The TOC must think things are fine.

Tom said...

Uh no. Paulick has turned into an ostrich when it comes to the Player's Boycott.

Anonymous said...

Crickets over there at Paulick.

It's ok though. Ignoring it will not make it go away. Unfortunately that $100 million is not a bad's reality.

Anonymous said...

Amazing that we hold tampa up as a model to your cause with an average handle of 4.5 million per day and purse structure of 140,000 per day....75% per-cent of their wagers are on take outs of 20 and 26% ex..tris...and supers.How do we get the other 800,000 per day back to the players and where is HANA credibility on this issue..How would Cal like three 9,000 races with pools on each race of over 300,000 dollars ....BE REAL