Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wilson: Clock is Ticking for California Racing

High-ranking officials from Santa Anita and Del Mar met separately with HANA a few weeks ago, and by all accounts the get-togethers went well. But again, the TOC refused to send one of their decision makers, instead choosing to have Aaron Vercruysse, hired recently to advise the horsemen on betting matters, attend the meeting and report back to them.

The California Thoroughbred Trainers are willing to sit down with HANA. Again, why won't the CHRB and TOC do the exact same thing?

Rescinding the increase in takeout would not in itself right horse racing's sinking ship, but it would be a start. It likely won't happen, though, until Santa Anita is forced to cut its overnight purses, an announcement that could be coming soon if the handle doesn't improve.

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Anonymous said...

Tampa increased their purses for horseman and left the bettor high and dry with their 25.9 takeout on tri and super bets...Classic case of where a 50% split could have increased purses and lowered the takeout to 24%...BETTOR ALWAYS LOSES...Marty