Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Election Time

It is hard to believe, but this September will mark the 3 year anniversary of the Incorporation of the Horseplayers Association of North America. What a long strange trip it’s been! What started as a handful of like-minded horseplayers in an internet chat room is now a nearly 2,000 member strong organization.

In those first formative weeks at HANA, none of us knew what to expect this organization to become, or if it would become anything at all. We all hoped for it to be a success -- both as an organization in terms of growth, and so far as meeting our mission statement of improving the game through horseplayer input. But none of us knew how or if this would happen.

As a small group of horseplayers, chomping at the bit to get something, anything, done -- it was decided collectively at the time to simply elect the board from that original group and to give them 3 year terms, if they’d be good enough to stand for it. If you had placed wagers on us ever making it that far, the smart money would have been against it.

So it is a very happy thing for all of us to announce that it’s been decided that concurrent with our 3 year anniversary, and the expiration of those original 3 year terms -- HANA will be holding elections for its Board of Director positions. Pursuant to this, as 2011 began to roll around we began surveying other similar non-profit groups, investigating how they administer their elections, and we're happy to report that things are nearly finalized. We anticipate updating both our original corporate charter, and the full membership with all the details by the end of April.

That we have come so far in so short a time is a testament to everyone involved. The countless horseplayers who have contributed their time and effort to this fledgling organization are to be commended, HANA truly is the result of all your efforts.

Boot-strapping an entity out of nothingness is not an easy feat, and it has been a difficult road at times. There are so many who have played important roles, and who have helped shape HANA, and who with your words, and actions, and encouragement, kept HANA going. To all of our friends, a sincere thank you. We anticipate a great 2011 and beyond.


The HANA Board

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