Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SA, GG and Tampa Handle Numbers

A HANA member has compiled some betting numbers (from Equibase) on a few tracks and we share them here (through Feb 13th).

Golden Gate: Purses up huge, exotic wagering particularly down:

Tampa Bay Downs: Showing some promise this season with horseplayers. Beyer got into the act talking about them just last week.

Santa Anita thus far. Purses up, handle down.


Anonymous said...

tampa bay pick 4 says it all.
lower the take-out, and they will come.

steve in nc said...

Will you devote a little time and energy now to another topic?

NYRA stewards found hypodermics in Dutrow's barn in November. Just now, more than 3 months later when a horse of his also comes up positive, they announce a suspension for both infractions, but he appeals.

And even if he does after some long delay end up with a suspension, he gets a total of a 90-day vacation while his assistants carry on his operation and the money keeps flowing in.

How many strikes does he have? And he gets at worst a 90-day pretend ban as a penalty?

Good luck "growing" a "sport" like that. Anyone out there demanding change? How about owner bans, or horse bans instead of fake trainer bans? How about any purse money earned by the trainer during his appeal must be forfeited if the positive is upheld? (That would put an end to a lot of bull###t appeals without merit.)

If the industry can't/won't do better than this, it deserves to be either slammed or ignored like pro wrestling in the press, and an investigation from a holier-than-thou hypocrite roid-raging Congressional committee.

HANA said...


Would you like to write a blog post on it? We run those on a variety of topics from members. Please submit one on this is it fires you up.

According to our survey a lot of members find the issues on positive tests and the appeals system to be broken. It is one of the main HANA planks, and we write about it, but we'd love to hear from other members.


Anonymous said...

Tampa averages 427,000 per race in handle and rewards 16,000 per race to the horseman and 16,000 to the race track. When we are dealing with take out of appx 86,000 per race we must ask the question where is the other 54,000 going and why so little to the horsemen...The answer is simple the adw's get over 60% of the handle and we pay 25.9 on takeout on the second most popular bets the tri and super....and we ask what is wrong when a track such as Tampa has sold out their customers to the greed of the adw,s MARTY

Anonymous said...

Sat. feb.19 tampa ahndle 6,717,389 value of purses 205,000 takeout over 1.3 seriouis with 25.9 on takeout on tris and supers forget about the 3s,4s,5s,and the low takeout because all the money is in other bets...when we subtract the tracks take of 205,000 it leaves 900,000 dollars to adw,s INCREDIBLE........Marty