Thursday, February 24, 2011

Craig Walker

Walker at Trackmaster lets some thoughts be heard on Cali-racing. He believes that something positive has to be done to increase participation:

"Bettors need to see a serious statement that California racing wants them to spend their money on California races."

More at link.

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Anonymous said...

We complain about Cal. racing why other states lik FL. milk the player dry...FRI. 02 25 2011 HANDLE 4.4 MILLION DOLLARS ...PURSES 139,000 0R 14,000 PER RACE .....TOTAL TAKE OUT 900,000 DOLLARS ...3% FOR PURSES 3% for the track and over 600,000 never to be seen again.....Cal. Santa handle 02 25 2011 4.2million...30,000 per racve in purses..double FL. Marty Callinan