Friday, January 14, 2011

Wilson Commentary: "It's Time to Give the Horseplayer a Chance to Speak"

Wilson's Daily News piece today:

Excuse me if you've heard this question before, but can the California horse racing industry become any more messed up than it already is?

Well, when dealing with organizations like the California Horse Racing Board and Thoroughbred Owners of California, never say never.

It's time the CHRB and TOC sat down with representatives of HANA, and I don't mean teleconferences or symbolic meetings that just pay lip service, but for a full-fledged, face-to-face meeting. Heck, make it a weekend at a resort and hash out these problems and try to make the game good again.

Heaven knows, HANA representatives are willing and able, and it's a sure bet that CHRB and TOC officials should be chomping at the bit to hear some new ideas from a group that has far too long been deprived a voice in the industry.

The ball's been in the CHRB's and TOC's court long enough. Time to let somebody else offer some solutions that might help before it's too late.

Read more at link for full commentary.

Note - there are several other links today that have come across the wires regarding all of you taking a stand in California, and we will link them all this weekend if we have a chance.

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