Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Quick Points of Order

We saw a piece today on the Paulick Report calling into question Hana and its motives.

We know you as members know this, but from our Mission Statement and organizational integrity that was established in 2008 as well as our status as a non-profit, the following has held firm and will be held firm.

Hana holds its members confidence and trust as inviolate. No Hana member has ever been marketed anything as a result of their membership, by Hana or by any third party. Nor will any Hana member ever be marketed anything by Hana or by any third party as a result of their membership.

The Hana email list of members is private and we have not, and will not disclose any names, or mention any names, unless said person identifies him or herself as a Hana member publicly.

The Hana email list will not be sold, or distributed. It is used to keep you updated on the work you are all doing as volunteers.

Revenue for Hana comes from you, the horseplayer through paypal donations (thank you!). Since incorporation the money spent from your donations has been primarily for marketing or donations to horse retirement farms.

Thanks for reading and keep up the good fight folks. We have plenty more to come this week and are looking forward to it!

1 comment:

That Blog Guy said...

What Jeff does outside of HANA means nothing to me. Even then, he is disclosing. May I also remind Mr. Paulick if takeouts weren't so high there would be no need for rebates.

All Mr. Paulick's attack means is HANA is being successful in its boycott of California racing and they are getting desperate.