Monday, January 10, 2011

Gulfstream Handle Starts Well

Like cross town Tampa, Gulfstream has started the meet well, with handle gains of 17%. Even when we add the fact that they, along with tracks like Santa Anita and Fair Grounds, did not have the Mid-Atlantic signal at this time last year, it's a good start of at least a six or seven percent gain.

The Pick 5 is rolling as well, for people who want a good value play. This weekend the pool topped 100k each day, which is good for a new bet. We urge you to support that bet if it interests you, because Gulfstream is a track that has been listening to players.

There was a scratch recently at GP of a part of an entry, where the lesser part filled all horizontals. We wonder: How do you feel about eliminating entries everywhere? They are doing that in some places to increase betting interests. Any opinions? We'll have more on this later.

NYRA has been converting some of the OTB losses and handle is not horrible at all there considering. LATG has a look at the numbers.

Something that you know as members we are for, and it is one of our planks is more cooperation and uniform rules. States working together is long overdue.

Thanks for all the comments and readings of the blog piece on sports bettors and poker players below. It was a record day on the blog and we thank you very much. We have a special thanks to "Breakage" on the Turf n' Sport board who took it upon himself to ask the question to all those sports bettors. Learning how the other half lives and how they think of our sport is beneficial to us.

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The_Knight_Sky said...

Last year the New York State Racing and Wagering Board took steps to uncouple entries (but some of the time).

The race-day scratching of one of the two horses skews the morning line among other things. Then we have problematic "runs for purse money only" situations when a coupled horse is scratched after wagering has begun.

The problem still persists in New York and elsewhere. Coupling of horses makes little sense in this in the modern era since there is intense scrutiny and high definition cameras placed all around the racetrack.

The time has come for a wholesale abolishment of coupled entries and the complexities that result from them. I wrote a bit about this counterproductive practice a while back. For those interested you may find it here in this post .