Thursday, January 27, 2011

HANA Harness Working Group Taking Shape

Last month HANA announced the creation of a working group for harness racing. As you know, we at times have worked at harness issues of a player-centric nature - like we did last year at Tioga Downs with their takeout reduction and handicapping contest. Both sports have similar issues, but there are a great many items in harness that are harness specific, for example:
  • Improving half mile track racing
  • Problems at the Meadowlands
  • Fair Start Rules and Other Rules
  • Distance Racing
  • New Bets that are harness specific
There are many more that I am sure you can think of.

Having a working group looking at these issues and providing feedback and opinion is vitally important. To our knowledge never - not even since Dan Patch - has a group like this ever existed for harness racing. We think it can be a huge help and for those who think tracks and industry people will not listen, we disagree. We have already been contacted by some in the industry for help.We will be surveying the group very soon on many issues.

At the moment we are in its infancy. We have working leadership, led by Allan, and from a few others that have shown interest. We now need you - more critical mass.

Are you a fan of harness racing? Are you a bettor? Do you have an interest about being surveyed about harness racing? Would you like to be involved in working on rule changes or new bets by providing feedback and opinion?

If the answer is yes, please add your name to our list. If you are a HANA member already, email and he will add you to the email list. If you are not a member of HANA please join here and mention "harness racing" in the comments field and that will do the trick.

Thanks and we hope to speak with you soon!

The HANA Harness Working Group

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