Saturday, January 15, 2011

Reason #51 and #52 to Get Moving

We push much needed change for customers here at HANA, but the storyline is usually about making needed changes to grow the whole sport, because the writing is on the wall, almost each day.

Today in the Orange County Register, it was reported a state senator in California is pushing for online poker. He believes it can generate up to $1B for the state in ten years.

Yesterday in Bloodhorse, Tom LaMarra noted the cuts from slot funding to horsemen groups, breeders and purses of 43% in this years budget in that state, directing it to general revenues for the citizens. This was not done by committee, nor was it expected - it just happened. Notice how much was taken from operators? Nothing.

Who will save horse racing? Governments aren't because they are looking to pass one of the most popular betting games in the world in the Golden State which will be huge competition for the gambling dollar. Slots aren't, because as soon as they are there (some sires moved just last year to take advantage of Indiana slots and now find themselves out in the cold with no one to run to for help), they can easily be taken away.

Customers will save racing, if it can be saved, because they are what racing can fall back on for revenue, just like any other business does. That is why we at HANA say - it's time to get moving on growing our customer base. It's why we're here, and we are ready to start working.

h/t to Blueshoe on Paceadvantage for the poker story link.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

great articles.
now let's get serious.
in n.y., cuomo wants a 2.75% fee on all purses won to be paid by the owner!
this is the equivalent of a purse decrease.
who gets the money? the crooks that sit on the board and are
POLITICAL appointments and know NOTHING about horseracing!
i am part of the cal. boycott.
is n.y. next? i say yes.
in cal., the boycott is to help the gamblers. n.y. will be to save what is left of the owners.