Friday, January 28, 2011

Horseplayers: "Degenerates", "Sheep"? How About "Brainy"?

Dan Needham of "Thorotrends" on his blog today looked at a couple of surveys about horseplayers. He finds the data completely crushes the stereotypes. You are not your average, every day person pulling a slot handle, but you know that already. A snapshot of the Pew Research survey is below.

We commissioned, or more accurately, Dan volunteered his time to help design our HANA Member Survey in 2009. He mentions it in the article and if you wanted to go through it and all 50 questions with responses, you can here.

Please read the full story on Dan's blog.


Chris Sorenson said...

I have an MBA and I think Horse Racing is the best. Ever.

Anonymous said...

Not surprised that handicappers are better-educated, but I'm stunned to see that casino and slots players aren't far less educated than the population as a whole.