Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Psssst Frank, Vito Wants to Meet With You

"Hi Frank, this is Dom. I hear you been making bets you shouldn't have"

"What do you mean? I am just betting the horses like I always do. I'm 81 years old and have been betting for fifty six years." said Frank.

"Ya, but the boss is worried. You made $650. The boss don't like that. When you win it's money outta the bosses pocket" said Dom.

"I went on a bit of a run, but I am sure I will lose soon. I rarely make money betting the horses with you, Dom", Frank replied.

"I'm just the messenger. Vito wants to talk to you. That's all I can say".

To read about Frank and his show bets, please visit here, for a story you might not believe. 

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