Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Is a Better Tote System Nearing Reality?

At HANA, both in surveys and e-mails, your thoughts on racing's tote system have been well documented. In a phrase, you don't like it. Well, that may be changing.

According to a story on by Frank Angst, "the Thoroughbred Racing Protective Bureau has secured widespread support for its new Tote Security System it will launch next month with plans for full implementation early next year."

The new system "provides real-time monitoring of outlets participating in pools, adds features to assure proper closing of pools when the gate opens, and reduces the time of win odds updates to two seconds as the race nears."

All 41 member tracks of the Thoroughbred Racing Associations (TRA) are going along with the new tote system, and all four tote companies are also on board.  TRA tracks along with non-TRA tracks, ADWs, and OTBs that wish to carry the TRA track signals will pay a fee of $950 per month for the new system.

Just one of the major benefits of the new tote system will be, "...more efficient collection of wagering information...tracks will be able to provide current pari-mutuel odds on upcoming races.".

Interestingly for horseplayers exacta and trifecta data will be added, giving a better glimpse of multi leg wager pools.

To read all about the new tote system and how it will benefit horseplayers, please click here.

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adavids said...

why doesn't the u. s. tote move to the win , place.....and eliminate w.p.s...As they do in europe and other places around the world...this would be a huge upgrade...The payoffs are much better and less total breakage..paying out in 4 spots verses 6 spots is huge benefit for the player...