Friday, October 18, 2013

Pennsylvania Horse Racing Gets Clobbered

Today, two things showed up on the Internet related to Pennsylvania horse racing.

First, a thread surfaced on alerting horseplayers that some of their ADW accounts are being closed. It appears (although we do not have confirmation), Pennsylvania tracks and horsemen have upped the fees 10% on in-state horseplayers. As you all know well, this makes ADW's leave the state. Customers have to leave too. As one of the commenters on the thread said, this is strange for a state who has so much money already from slots, and are charging customers some of the highest takeouts in not only the US, but the world. We'll work on this story and have an update next week.
  • I just got the email from Amwager telling me that I have to close my account. same thing, PA 10% charge. This is so typical of the racing industry. They are going to drive money off shore.
Second, it seems the problems in Pennsylvania aren't just relegated to that. The Paulick Report story published today (and the resulting comments) paint a scathing picture about Pennsylvania horse racing
  •  This is in a state that has had as many controversies in racing as it has roller coasters at amusement parks. No one seems to be in charge at the Department of Agriculture that either knows or cares about horse racing and the enforcement of existing rules is, to say the least, questionable. “You have to be careful when you walk through the backstretch at Parx,” a Pennsylvania owner told me not long ago, “because there are so many horses being milk-shaked you might trip over a rubber tube and hurt yourself.”
It seems Pennsylvania racing, long-complained about by you the horseplayer, is having its laundry aired publicly today, with customers, along with racing's participants.

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