Friday, October 16, 2009

Quick Like a Bunny

A comment we just received from a HANA member which adds some credence to the work Equibase has done with the scratches via RSS feed:

Race #5 at Keeneland the 2 scratched at the gate. As soon as Becker announced it, I went to the Equibase site and it was up! Now that's real time!!!

Little things like the above give us some confidence that someone is minding the store with our betting money. That has to be a positive thing!


Anonymous said...

Everyday this week Twinspires had scratches way before Equibase. Today at 1:30 est Twinspires had Belmont scratches when I looked at 11:39. At 1:30 I looked at Twinspires and DRF and they both had the changes at Belmont and Thistle. Equibsae had no scratches for either track. You are giving Ebase a lot of undeserved hype. If I'm the only one that points this out maybe people already know where to get scratches when they need them.

HANA said...


When a system changes it takes some time. The full report of this, and what happens with the changes as this system gets more and more refined is here on the Paulick Report.

Thanks for the comment though.

webmaster said...

the best thing is anyone that sees a track that is late on Equibase, is to send Equibase an email complaining about it. It will not get better unless there are complaints.

Anonymous said...

Most are good for me, but some are off. I have no doubt that they'll get this figured out, but when dealing with racetracks maybe I am too confident.