Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pricci to HANA Advisory Board



(Charlottesville, Virginia. October 7th, 2009): The Horseplayers Association of North America (HANA) is pleased to announce that John Pricci of Saratoga Springs, New York has been appointed to the Advisory Board of the growing organization.

John is well-known in the racing industry. He spent 18 years at New York Newsday as an award winning journalist. He is currently the executive editor of Horse Race Insider, a popular website. John joins horseplayer's Cary Fotias, Barry Meadow, Dr. William Ziemba and Nick Mordin on the HANA Advisory Board

Mr. Pricci has been a member of HANA since almost its inception in late 2008, and was happy to join the organization in this advisory role: "It's become clear in a very short time that HANA, as a horseplayer's organization, is a serious handicapper's last best hope for their future, and the industry's!"

Jeff Platt, HANA President, added: “We are absolutely thrilled to welcome John Pricci to the HANA Advisory Board. John's knowledge and experience with racing from a player's perspective, especially racing in New York, should prove to be an asset to the HANA team and to horseplayers everywhere going forward.”

HANA welcomes John and with his guidance, along with the support of our 1300+ members, we are confident we can help move racing forward in 2009 and beyond.

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The Horseplayers Association of North America is a grassroots group of horseplayers, not affiliated with any organization, who are not pleased with the direction the game has taken. HANA believes that both tracks and horseman groups have become bogged down with industry infighting and have completely forgotten something: The importance of the customer. HANA hopes, through proactive change on several key issues (including but not limited to), open signal access, lower effective takeouts, wagering integrity, affordable data and customer appreciation, the industry’s handle losses can be reversed. HANA is currently made up of over 1300 horseplayers (both harness and thoroughbred) from almost all states and Canadian provinces. It currently represents over $60,000,000 of yearly racing handle.

Our web address is and interested horseplayers can sign up there for free. We are horseplayers, just like you and we are trying to make a difference. We need, appreciate and ask humbly for your support.


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