Monday, October 19, 2009

Betting Across State Lines. Someone is Doing it.

News today comes from the lotteries that some of their largest have deals to go national.

Just what racing needs: more competition. There is no other way to regard the announcement that the two 'marquee games' in American lotteries, Mega Millions and Powerball, have reached an agreement in principle to cross-sell their products in all United Sates jurisdictions.

If all existing jurisdictions agree, the combined pair could in effect become national lotteries. In the wings, according to Tom Shaheen, president of Powerball, a new “super lottery,” selling for $2 up to $5 -- the price not yet determined -- is being prepared for introduction by next fall.

A national lottery. Millions of dollars, across state lines. Buzz, ease and customers.

It is nice to see that the lotteries realize that getting state regulations, and taxes together, so that they can grow their markets is on their mind. But it is not on ours in racing.

Here is a major ADW, trying to get their foot in the door. Click this to look at residency requirements to bet a horse race. If you can figure out that maze, I think you should get some cheese.

In addition we have state rules where players are even unsure if they travel they will not be prosecuted for betting a horse race.

I have a ADW account in a state that is legal for online wagering. I am moving to a state (MO for three months) that does not allow online wagering, is it okay for me to continue using my account?

We have a legal monopoly on online wagering. Is it not time we got it right? For gosh sakes, heavily regulated lotteries appear to have. If they can get through a regulatory morass to get things right, how can we keep using it as an excuse?

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Anonymous said...

Whenever I ask someone to fix ADW wagering I hear "we can't because it is too hard with all the states involved." This throws a dagger right through that. This is nice work linking this and I hope people read it.