Wednesday, October 21, 2009

NYRA and Keeneland Tweak Post Times

In a good bit of working together, Jim Goodman of Keeneland reported to a HANA member today that they and NYRA have worked to schedule their post times better. Instead of 32 and 30 minutes between races respectively, they are now at a hard 31 minutes. With the 1:00 post at Belmont and the 1:05 at Keeneland, this keeps them (for awhile at least) spaced out. Punters have more time to scan both quality tracks for their plays.

At a recent impromptu HANA meeting at Keeneland the off times and the apparent lack of scheduling in North America popped up. A HANA member spoke of how good they do it in the UK, where he plays. "For the main set of tracks about every ten minutes there is a race, and they try and keep to that there", he told us.

Any way you slice it, NYRA and Keeneland trying to give more time and more choice to their bettors is a good thing. Let's see if this makes a difference.


Anonymous said...

coordinating post times is a step in the right direction.

One of HANA's stated goals is:

"ADW Signal Availability - All track signals available to all licensed ADWs all the time. No exceptions and no blackouts. Ever."

Anonymous said...

It will only help increase handle at both tracks. Isn't this the objective of all racetracks? Amazing it's taken this long, but I'm happy the cooperation has begun.

sports handicappers said...

giving punters ample time is not the objective, maybe they want some even numbers in the playing feild! have heard the folks are pretty touchy about numbers, as far as both tracks are concerned there should not be any change as far as visible,
sports handicappers

don elfson said...

as much as we would like to see hanna get the credit this was done between kentucky and new york post times approx four years ago

HANA said...


We did not have anything to do with this, nor did we take credit for anything of the sort.

4 years ago? Were post times at Keeneland and Belmont not 31 and 33 minutes between races when the keeneland meet started, and was that not changed to both running at 31 minutes last Wednesday?