Tuesday, October 27, 2009

California Takeout Chatter

Recently it was announced that the California governor signed a new law whereby takeout can be set by the racetracks.

The comments on the article are worth reading as most have stood up to be heard. As well at the thread regarding this has been well commented on. Horseplayers are saying one thing, and saying it loud and clear - they do not want a takeout increase.

"Cangamble" on his blog has written a well-thought out synopsis. It was recently highlighted by the Paulick Report and it explains things quite well. Horseplayers, please give it a read.

HANA President Jeff Platt has been discussing this issue with some in California and we hope to have some thoughts up soon. We are watching all the horseplayer feedback on this issue, via chatboards, blogs and our own email, so please keep the comments coming!

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